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Help us change a family's story suffering from trauma.

Rebekah’s Angels was founded to provide mental health treatment to children and families suffering from trauma. Through an extensive application process, we will evaluate each individual need, and finance trauma focused therapy. Rebekah’s Angels believes the mental health of our children today, determines their success for the future.

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Our Work

We provide mental health treatment children and families suffering from trauma and tragic events.

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Together, we’re a team of therapists, companies, donors, and families. See how you can bring new hope.

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”Through non-profits, like Rebekah’s Angels, the youngest members of our community can receive the treatment they deserve and desperately need. It is easier to work through struggles while one is young than waiting to tackle a lifetime of trauma and hurt as an adult. By supporting this program, you are truly giving a child a chance to heal and have a better chance at a healthier today and tomorrow.”

Jacqui Broadus
Emerald Coast Children's Advocacy Center, Trauma Therapist

A Better Look at trauma

What causes trauma & PTSD in children?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is often a silent, but deadly disorder in kids. PTSD can be triggered through:

  • Sexual abuse or violence (does not require threat of harm) 
  • Physical abuse 
  • Natural or man made disasters, such as fires, hurricanes, or floods 
  • Violent crimes such as kidnapping or school shootings 
  • Motor vehicle accidents such as automobile and plane crashes 
  • Witnessing violence - community, domestic or war 
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Rebekah's story

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

In the Spring of 2013, Rebekah Gregory’s life was forever changed by an act of terrorism that shook the entire world. A bystander at the Boston Marathon, along with her five-year old son, Rebekah was 3 feet away when two bombs went off 14 seconds and 200 yards apart. The explosions claimed Rebekah’s leg, but certainly not her fighting spirit.

Since then, Rebekah has become a force to be reckoned with. She has inspired audiences all over the world including the Ambassador of the Holy See in Rome, Italy, the United Nations, Asics, ESPN Women’s, and has been featured in thousands of media outlets which includes blogging for People Magazine and Runners World.

In 2017, Rebekah wrote her first book “Taking My Life Back,” in which she details the attack, and her courageous fight back from pain to finding her purpose. Shortly after, she launched Rebekah’s Angels Foundation, which she and her husband created to provide funding for mental health treatment to children and families suffering from trauma. 

Through speaking and coaching, Rebekah travels the world sharing lessons of strength and tenacity with audiences of all sorts. Through her gift of humor and ability to share from a deep and personal place, she reminds people that while they may never get blown up by a bomb at a marathon, everyone has life blow up in their face. And there is still life to be lived, even if you are on your last leg!

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