A Powerful Story of Strength & Resilience

Our History

Rebekah’s story exists to change the trajectory of other stories. Rebekah has remained positive and used her recovery as a platform to speak out and encourage people through their own obstacles in life. She is the founder of Rebekah’s Angels, with hopes to give back ten fold, the support she has experienced from millions across the world.

August 2007

Rebekah is blessed with her son, Noah.

April 2013

Two homemade bombs explode near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring several hundred. While Rebekah’s legs were shredded, the injuries saved Noah’s fragile little body.

January 2014

Both Noah and Rebekah are diagnosed with PTSD. (PTSD is typically diagnosed several months after the traumatic event.)
Noah undergoes play therapy treatment to treat PTSD for three-month timeframe (12 sessions) in Katy, Texas.

November 2014

Despite valiant efforts to save it, Rebekah amputates her left leg. After over a year of Noah’s struggles with his mother’s surgeries, Noah supports the decision. This is a turning point in his PTSD recovery.

January 2015

Rebekah undergoes specialized PTSD therapy, after other traditional therapies failed to work.

March 2015

Rebekah testifies against the last living bomber, recognizing the magnitude of PTSD-related issues in our society.

April 2015

Rebekah’s PTSD therapy enables her to return to Boston to run the Marathon as an amputee.


Rebekah is married to college sweetheart, Chris, after reconnecting at a dinner in Houston. They later welcomed Noah’s baby sister, Ryleigh.

April 2017

Rebekah releases her book about her triumphant journey over the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing with her son, Noah.

February 2018

Rebekah’s Angels launches. The life events of Rebekah and many others culminates in the launch of a joint dream.

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