Kind words

You're a hero in my eyes

"I just wanted to say thank you again. I am so thankful I met you. God bless you. You're a hero in my eyes. I feel amazing!"

Tammy C.

Now he has all this joy and I want to keep it

"I can not thank you and everyone for everything you have done for us. God really shows up to show out. . Jevon says he misses you already. He asking will he ever see y'all again.. I told we will video chat. Lol. And you can see her then. He say you are really nice. He still can't understand why you were helping him.. I told God saw he was needing help so he sent a angel name Rebekah. Lol and Angela and Joel.. keep us in your prayers and I will keep y'all in mine. My new long distance family."

Lori W.

I got my sweet kiddos back!

"I wanted to thank Rebekah's Angels for everything! I've noticed some huge changes in myself, and the kids, and my parents as well. Jack has made leaps and Maggie came here in bulky sweatshirts and long pants to hide her cut scars, but has been wearing colors! Shorts! AND t-shirts that I packed with high hopes! We have had some of the calmest days we've had in a few years. I got my sweet kiddos back! It's so crazy to be calm after all these years!"

Amanda E.