Bringing New Hope

Rebekah’s Angels provides resources and funding for treatment to bring new hope to children who suffer from PTSD.

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Our Vision

We envision a world in which every child has the opportunity to live beyond post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Rebekah’s Angels dismantles the costs associated with PTSD treatment while providing a safe space for children to talk about their trauma. We adopt an individualized approach to treat every child’s case with the utmost consideration.

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Our Values

We Value The Individual

Every case of PTSD is unique. Through an extensive application process, we evaluate each individual need, and finance therapy treatments, training for parents and caregivers, and follow up programs to ensure success. We have also partnered with Inspired Performance Institute whose treatment allows children to heal from PTSD instead of finding a way to cope with it.


We do not want to recreate the wheel, we want to make it faster and get more places. Therefore, our desire is to partner with as many organizations as possible in order to impact the most children possible. We want to work together and harness the talents and resources of those passionate about seeing PTSD in children cured. Being relational and sharing our experience and knowledge is at our core.


We are honored to be entrusted with donations on behalf of PTSD victims. Rebekah’s Angels is committed to managing them in a manner that brings maximum benefit to children needing treatment for PTSD. Our posture will always be one of transparency, accountability and stewardship.

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